Where: London, England




Between Meeting: On Vacation



NothingI was in London two weeks ago and on my way to the airport.



I bought a ticket at the Notting Hill Gate Tube Stop.  From Notting Hill I could get off at Paddington and from there, jump on the Heathrow Express to the airport.



There’s a section at the end of the platform where some daylight could be found, so the quality of light is more humane vs the incandescent dull, normally found in The Underground.



As I looked across the tracks at passengers headed in the opposite direction, I could not help but see the humor in the Notting Hill Gate sign that was partially obscured and said “NOTTIN”



Everyone on the platform looked deflated and dispationate. It was almost as if with a British accent, “NOTTIN” was pronounced, “Nuthin” in keeping with how everybody looked.




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