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Where: Vista, CA



Drive Sky

I was driving back to LA after meetings in San Diego and took a different route to avoid traffic (and in hope that I might find something of interest to photograph)




As I was making my way back to the 405, I came across an abandoned drive-in-theatre. I liked the incongruity of a dramatic daylight sky with the screen meant for the evening.  It seemed an appropriate memorial for a bygone era.

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Mirror Image

Where: Las Vegas, NV




Between Meeting: After WPPI



Swirl Stare (2)


When I have free time during trade show season in Las Vegas, I head Downtown vs The Strip. It’s just more interesting photographically.



The reflection of an old fashioned downtown hotel in a passing bus created a more graphic scene due to the distortion. And the person waiting for the bus, added an element of place.


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Where: Chicago, IL




Between Meeting: After Graph Expo




It was raining pretty hard when I left McCormick Place a couple of years ago. Getting a cab was difficult so with umbrella in hand, I decided to walk back to my hotel in the loop.



We lived in Chicago for many years and I remembered how streets and addresses are based on an elegant grid system.



This put me in a mood to look for geometric, grid-like shapes. It was a good thing that I had something to focus on, as that walk was a lot longer than I expected.



While I was capturing this image of a person waiting for a bus near the Illinois Center, I was reminded that I had to do a SWOT analysis that night. SWOT is a basic marketing tool used to assess Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, thus the acronym. SWOT charts are usually depicted as quadrants. But at this particular time, I was dealing with more opportunities and threats and that influenced my compositional placement, along with the rule of thirds.




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Going Forth

Where: Penfield NY




Between Meeting: Fourth of July





Being married to a British National makes the 4th of July an interesting day, “If ya know what I mean”. 




I like to photograph the parades and look for the patriotic, as well as the not so patriotic, to keep things copacetic on the home front.



Flag Drewel

Flag Hat

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