Where: Chicago, IL




Between Meeting: After Graph Expo




It was raining pretty hard when I left McCormick Place a couple of years ago. Getting a cab was difficult so with umbrella in hand, I decided to walk back to my hotel in the loop.



We lived in Chicago for many years and I remembered how streets and addresses are based on an elegant grid system.



This put me in a mood to look for geometric, grid-like shapes. It was a good thing that I had something to focus on, as that walk was a lot longer than I expected.



While I was capturing this image of a person waiting for a bus near the Illinois Center, I was reminded that I had to do a SWOT analysis that night. SWOT is a basic marketing tool used to assess Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, thus the acronym. SWOT charts are usually depicted as quadrants. But at this particular time, I was dealing with more opportunities and threats and that influenced my compositional placement, along with the rule of thirds.




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