Making Lemonade

Where: Miami Beach, FL



Miami Marathon 2I was staying near the airport in Miami but had several hours before my flight.



It was early morning and the sun was starting to stream over South Florida, so I grabbed a cab and headed to South Beach. I was hoping to capture all those amazing colors on Ocean Drive but soon it clouded over and things starting looking dull.



Then about a mile from South Beach we came to a dead stop. Turns out that many of the streets were closed due to a Marathon. A police officer said that we would likely be able to pass in 15 minutes which was so frustrating that I thought about finding my way back to the airport.



I was taught to loathe clichés and for some unexplained reason I couldn’t get one of the worst clichés out of my head, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. So now I was frustrated in being blocked from South Beach, the dull light and a cliché that I couldn’t stop thinking about. So I acted on that cliché and due to the low light, experimented with slow shutter speeds and camera moves.



I experienced guilt when I liked what I was seeing on the LCD and soon realized in this lighting, getting stuck turned out to be a great thing. By adding noise and saturation in post, I was able to enhance the blurs and create a sense of pointillism.



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