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Where: Delhi, India



Delhi StreetI was very fortunate in high school to study under the legendary Warren King. 



One of the assignments he gave us was to illustrate confusion. It was an exercise designed to teach us that the key to making a great confusing picture, is to incorporate a simple non-confusing element.



During a free day in India between Epson Print Academy programs, I came across this confusing scene and remembered that high school assignment. I looked around for a simple, non-confusing anything. In India one does not have to wait long before people appear and when clicking on this image for full screen, it’s the small image of a person in the left corner that brings harmony to the confusion.



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Do You See The Light

Where: Lake Forest, CA



Light Pole


Photographers know that dramatic weather makes for more interesting pictures. As Jay Maisel says, “I’m from New York, I don’t trust any air that I can’t see”.



On a scout for a video shoot a few years ago in the  suburbs of Los Angeles we experienced something quite unusual in Southern California, clouds. Make that Old Testament looking clouds.



Because it’s relatively rare to have interesting weather in sunny LA, when it happens, it’s a major and embarrassing news story. But I ignore how people are reacting to the weather and go looking for images.



It was end of day, light was streaming through breaks in the dramatic sky, and I was quite upset at being in the modern and boring looking burbs of Orange County. With only minutes of light left, I looked around and found a nice incident angle on a parking lot light.



Depending on one’s perspective this image can be seen as a religious symbol, or maybe it’s just a parking lot light against a biblical looking sky.



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In Good Standing

Where: Tijuana, Mexico



17 copy


Young people from San Diego used to head to TJ on the weekends.



I don’t recall why these four teenagers were lined up, but I loved the diversity of body types and standing styles.

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4 Alarm

Where: Tokyo, Japan



Fire BrigageI was walking to a meeting at Epson Hanbai (Hanbai means sales and Epson Hanbai is the sales office for Japan vs manufacturing in Hirooka).



On my walk I came across a fire station where the fireman were lined-up outside as part of a drill.



At this particular angle I was able to show 4 distinct waistlines.

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