The Improbable at The End of The World

Where: East Jesus, CA




EJ Typewriter


After a recent meeting in Palm Springs preparing for the Palm Springs Photo Festival, I made a run for the border. But I had no intention of crossing into Mexico as on the way to the California border with Mexico is one of my favorite places, Slab City.



It difficult to describe Slab City. I simply think of it as a living Mad Max environment with a discriminating mix of people living off the grid. Make that way off the grid.




Photographed at East Jesus




At the very end of Slab City is East Jesus. The broken glass shrouding a typewriter inside the piano, which I assume illustrates the shared concept of keys, is only one of several images I made in East Jesus. It indeed speaks, per the East Jesus web site, of “… low-tech solutions, unresolved theories, non-linear advancement, and creative reuse.”



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