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Burning Metal

Where: Los Angeles, CA



Hot Metal


Forest fire?








Photo micrograph?




Electron micrograph?




It’s just the fuselage of a jet at LAX, reflecting the sunrise.



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Off to The Races

Where: Los Alamitos, CA




Oh Yea

When in LA for meetings at the office, I often stay at a hotel next to the Los Alamitos Horserace Track.



One Sunday afternoon I decided to walk over and see if there were any interesting pictures inside, as I had been smelling “interesting” things for years outside.



I learned that most of the actual racing takes place in the evenings and during the day, people sit inside and and place bets via monitors of tracks around the country.



No horses, no winning jockeys draped in colorful flowers, just people slumped over tables with betting sheets under the nauseating glow of fluorescent lights.



I was able to salvage my $2 entry fee by capturing this silhouette which is really a reflection of two people talking outside the Track’s dreary coffee shop. The inexpensive glass distorted the reflecting palm trees which added interest and put focus on the punters.



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Stop on Red

Where: New York City



Red Light



I was in New York last week working on a very exciting project.




While I was walking back to my hotel in Tribeca from the studio where we were shooting, I saw this interesting triad of shapes.




By waiting for the red light and getting my position just right, I could not help but think Chris Christie was glaring at me from the other end of the Tunnel.



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Play Ball

Where: Los Angeles, CA



Flat Wall


I often find myself driving up and down La Brea Ave. from the 10 to visit photographers in Hollywood.




One of the buildings on La Brea houses an indoor baseball batting cage. I was curious what the inside of the building looked like as I had only seen the baseball jerseys painted on the outside wall from numerous rental cars.



But this shot of a boy who was more curious than me, as to how one can hit baseballs inside a building in the heart of LA, proved to be the more interesting view.




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Orange Picking

Where: San Diego CA



Orange Cable Car


I was in San Diego to avoid Carmageddon.




Not sure why, but I decided to visit the famous San Diego Zoo.




Within a few minutes I was no longer looking at the animals, but at the cable car that runs above the animals.

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