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Where: New York, NY





I was in The City recently to present an award at the PDN Photo Annual.



The view from my hotel was of an uninspiring building, so I turned 90 degrees left to get caught up on email.



After 20 minutes I felt a sense of heat hitting the right side of my face and knew it had to be light coming in through the window. The light was the incident reflection of the metallic ventilation shaft from that pedestrian looking building across the street.



By underexposing I was able to knock down the boring bricks and bring out all the texture of the metal resulting an interesting shape resembling the number one.



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My Emerald City

Where: Seattle, WA



Green on GreenSeattle is one of my favorite cities but I’m often conflicted because like nearby Vancouver, it’s so clean and nice and beautiful.



Just not conducive for the pictures I like to make.



When my colleagues and I learned we had a 20 minute wait for a table at Dukes Chowder House, I took the opportunity to look around in the waning light.



Walking around Lake Union there were yachts and wooden boats and picturesque skylines straight out of Postcard Central. I never took off the lens cap. On my way back to the restaurant I saw this monochromatic and geometric scene that turned into my version of the Emerald City.




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Where: Hermosa Beach, CA



Torso Rain



While some go to the beach to photograph surfers or those classic sunsets off the pier, I tend to look in the opposite direction.



When the light is right, the outdoor showers designed to wash away sand, are seemingly custom-built for abstract photographs.



With a high shutter speed, I was able to stop the action of this shower creating a sense of etched needles against the silhouetted person.



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Apple Bottom

Where: Rochester, NY



Apple Bottom



My wife loves the Rochester Public Market and one Saturday morning I tagged along.




And of course I started to see pictures vs helping with the shopping.








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Holey Holiday

Where: Carson, CA





I see this flag, which is adhered to the side of an oil refinery, on my monthly drives from the office to LAX.



I’ve always been intrigued by the holes which are designed for airflow to keep the flag pinned to the building. On this 4th of July, I can’t help but see the connection between these holes and the disfunctionality of today’s Congress.




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