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Left, Right and Center

Where: Tokyo, Japan



Leg Lean


Those that travel to Japan look at this image and just seem to know it was captured in Japan.



The woman’s posture and clothes are the likely clue, but I don’t think of this as a geographic image but one of politics. It’s as though the Centrists, represented by the gesture of the metal pole, are protecting the battered Left from the conservative Right.




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Livin The Dream (Again)

Where: Las Vegas, NV



Vegas Mermaid



I was talking with a colleague at lunch about upcoming 2016 trade shows.





We both blurted out the same semi-sarcastic line, “Whoopee, Las Vegas.”




After years of attending trade shows in Las Vegas most get a bit jaded. But secretly I actually love going to Las Vegas. It’s not about the gambling or the food or the shows but being able to make these kind of pictures after the trade show closes.


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Good Vibrations

Where: Los Angeles, CA





Had some free time while near Downtown LA and headed to MacArthur Park where I spent a lot of time making photographs in High School.



But on the drive to the Park I noticed this glowing entrance to a Metro station. I never made it to the Park and by waiting, I was rewarded with vibrating colors.

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Light Spout

Where: Bodie CA



Bodie TeapotWe were shooting an instructional video in Bodie, one of the best ghost towns in California.



Our priority was the video and we coordinated everything to shoot what was critical for the video in the best light.



So when I had some free time the good light was gone and everything was flatly lit.


But by reaching deeper for indirect light, I found this old kettle backlit by a window that had great depth.



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The Real China

Shanghi, China



Shanghai Gardens

On my first trip to China we were walking through the Yuuan Market.



It’s a lively area of shops where the art of haggling is on full throttle and the area is filled with real people, and only a few tourists.



I was struck by this woman because of her expressive face and the history she surely experienced from the rise of Mao Tse-tung, to the dreaded Cultural Revolution, to China’s resurgence as the world’s second largest economy.



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