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My Peeps

Where: Paris, France



Paris Angel

We were shooting video in France end of September and I had a free day in Paris.



I emailed Jeff Dunas, who used to live in Paris, for recommendations of where to look for Dano pictures. Jeff knows my interest in street photography and directed me to various areas of the city where the most interesting people hang out. Suffice it to say I did not visit the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame.



In one of those real people places near the Place de Republique, an area that unfortunately is where many now gather to mourn after the attacks of November 13, I found this wonderful Parisian having a snooze during a motorcycle rally.



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Global Storming

Where: Long Beach, CA



Zone Pump


I was mesmerized by pumpjacks as a kid.



Frankly I still am.



But with this image I was able to show the simple beauty of the tried and true mechanism, as well as the long-term impact on the environment.

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As American As…

Where: Bellflower, CA



Big Bagel



In this case the Bagel has superseded Apple Pie.



But is it a bagel or an old tire?

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What’s Missing?

Where: Tokyo, Japan




Shinjuku Wait

I was in Japan last week for meetings with my colleagues from around the world.



Epson has several offices near the Japanese Alps and in most cases we take trains that connect through Tokyo to attend these meetings.



It’s always fascinating to watch everyday life in Japanese train stations and on this trip I was struck by an overall change in posture. I took this image only a few years ago and while the station has not changed nor the clothes, what’s different today is that few are looking up like this woman. Last week most of the people I saw waiting for trains were head-down peering into smartphones. In my travels this year I have seen the same posture shift in Germany, France, The Netherlands and of course virtually any metro area in North America.



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