O’Hare Effect

Where: Chicago, Il



Ohare Stripes

The long day started a few weeks ago in Tokyo when I took a two-hour bus ride from the Hyatt Regency Shinjuku to Narita airport.



After a couple of more hours I boarded the east-bound red-eye to Chicago.



It’s hard for me to sleep on east-bound international flights so after 13 hours in the air, I often feel a bit out of sorts waiting for my bag and clearing customs. The disorientation also kicks in when I look at a clock and realize that after all that travel, I’ve arrived almost at the same time I left.



But the long day continues for me because I have to get to a connecting flight home. That requires re-checking my bag and taking a train to the domestic terminal and going through Security again. My strategy at this point of the journey is simply to stay awake so I don’t miss the connection.



When I got off the train at the domestic terminal I stepped on an escalator to cross over the street which runs in front of the terminal. I’ve done this several times through the years and I often think there has to be a less circuitous system until I reached the cross over and saw this amazing end of day light streaming in through the sandblasted striped windows. This time it was easy to stay awake.



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