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Half Off

Where: Prague, Czech Republic



Prague Bend


I only had one day in Prague before heading back to Germany for a video shoot.




So I was up at dawn to maximize my time and came across this flower shop where workers were setting up for the day.




I noticed when one of the workers bent over she looked like a mannequin from a department store that displays khakis.


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Where: White Georgia



Grill BW LuLa


Before Photoshop World in Atlanta, I headed North towards Chattanooga for Old Car City.



There are thousands of images there and this one feels like Cyclops was winking at me.

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Where: Lisbon, Portugal




Lisbon Shutters Lula

Knowing I would have a free weekend in Europe after a trade show, I called my friend Jack Reznicki, who travels extensively, for advice on where to go for Dano kinda of pictures.



Jack quickly said Lisbon because its a friendly place of colorful decay. Jack was right and I loved it!



This scene may look like bright colored shutters on an historic building. But it’s actually colored bricks designed to push the color out, and not in.




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Hole in the Wall

Where: Berlin Germany



Handwall LuLa

I grew up during the Cold War and am embarassed to admit this but, I kinda miss it.



I was always fascinated by the Berlin Wall and was riveted to any dramatic depictions of it from The Spy Who Came In From the Cold to Game, Set and Match.



So on my first trip to Berlin late last year, for a trade show, I took an extra day and headed straight for the former East Berlin.



East Berlin was modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan. What a disappointment! I wanted to see Trabants and Guard Towers not cool department stores and hipster clubs.



One strip of The Wall still remains and its now for artists to express themselves. While it was not the Berlin Wall that captivated me as a kid, this tourist from Israel doing a handstand did speak to how things have changed.





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