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Radius = Number of Feet Multiplied by…

Where: Sandusky, OH




Circle Feet




For roller coaster enthusiasts Cedar Point is a bucket list destination.




When we took our kids there a few years ago, I found maXair much more visually interesting than the more famous rides like Top Thrill Dragster.


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Family Portrait

Where: Kent, England





I was fortunate to have great weather at the Teston Bridge Kite Festival. In the UK there is always weather, but often it’s not the kind of weather one would like to have.



The arc of the foreground kite reminded me of a proud parent with the kite’s children flying high toward the perfect cloud in the perfect sky.


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Dust Up

Where: Tijuana, Mexico






Not sure why these empties were so dusty.



And of course the dust makes the picture.

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Where Portland, OR





Marketing 101: Know your target audience.



This vendor selling tie-dye shirts knows how to attract the right customer.



Or as they say in Portland, Keep It Weird.


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