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Crunch Time

Where: Bangkok, Thailand





On our way to the floating markets last week we came across a salt harvest.



Our driver asked if we wanted to stop.



Based on the amazing symmetry, light, texture, pink tones courtesy of the algae and gesture the answer was, “Duh”.


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Semi-Decisive Moment

Where: New York, NY






Three days after winter storm Jonas dumped two feet of snow in Manhattan, I was traversing the now slushy streets on my way to give a presentation.



Right by Penn Station, the puddles and the light reminded me of Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment.




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Looming Around

Where: Our House




I shot this in our house so it’s not the shadows of those wonderful windows at O’Hare.



It looks a bit like the inside of our piano, but it’s not.



It could be a pasta maker in our kitchen, but no.



It’s my wife’s loom, illuminated with the low angled winter light coming in through our living room window.



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The Other Red Light District

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands



Red Light Bikes


Seems like there are more bicycles in Amsterdam than people.



So instead of shooting Dutch postcards of canals and wooden shoes, I made my way to the Fietsflat which is the bicycle lot near the Centraal Station.



As the light was setting, and at the right angle, the rear reflectors on each bike were lighting up like a candelabra. Finding the right angle was tricky as I was casting my own shadow on the scene. So I experimented moving my position and in this image, cast my shadow just to the right of the person on the phone.



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Flight Time

Where: San Fransisco, CA





Like O’Hare (ORD) the airport in San Fransisco (SFO) has sandblasted window lines.



This is the pedestrian overpass to get from the Skytrain to the Terminal.



At the right time of day with the right light, the geometry is right for a pleasing composition.

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