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Toto, We’re Not in Tokyo Anymore

Where: Osaka, Japan






When I was planning my trip to Osaka my colleague from Japan told me that people in Osaka are very friendly compared to Tokyo.



And indeed I would have difficulty making this kind of picture in Tokyo.

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Squeeze Play

Where: Osaka, Japan






Noren are the traditional curtains that hang at the entrances of many restaurants in Japan.



They come in different lengths and styles and when hungry, they are a welcome sight.



The cramp space, the kimonos and the sandals in this image means not only is this restaurant in Japan, but it probably has amazing food.


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Go Fourth

Where: Osaka, Japan





When I checked into my hotel I learned it was the tallest building in Japan. And because of of my status with the hotel chain, I would have early access to the observation floor in the morning.



Knowing with jet lag I would probably be up at 4am, I took advantage of the offer for the early morning entrance.



Sure enough I was up at 3:30am, did email for a while, had some coffee, had some more coffee, then headed to the elevators for the observation floor. What a view!



This was my first time in Osaka so it was helpful for my bearings to know Northeast was towards Kyoto and West was towards Kobe. And after a good 3-4 minutes of taking in the view and watching others taking snaps with smartphones, I instinctively knew the best pictures would not be looking out.



I soon noticed when people got off the elevator they headed straight to the first open window. Because people in Japan are so respectful, each person would move to the next open window to avoid spoiling anyone’s view.



I went to manual mode on the camera to manage the silhouettes and then compositional autopilot looking for Golden Ratio elements and/or Fibonacci groupings of 3s and 5s.



It’s easy to say lets break the rules of composition, but I was classically trained in design so for me, it’s not easy. But I knew it was going to be tough finding 3s and 5s.  When I saw a fourth element starting to move, I immediately knew I could go forth with the fourth.




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Seeing Red

Where: Vancouver, BC



Red Run


As soon as I stepped on the escalator I realized it was not part of my hotel. I had no choice but to take it to the top and turn around.



I was annoyed.



As I made the turn to go back down, I found myself in front of an entrance to a health club.



I was no longer annoyed when I saw the end of day light thorough the red tinted windows.

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