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Missed the Bus?

Where: San Francisco, CA



Bus Despair


I loathe cliché’s but love when they are restated for an unexpected meaning.



We all know what its like to, “miss the bus”. I often think of the Eastman Kodak Co.



But in this image the person didn’t miss the bus, but it sure looks like she would have prefered to have missed it.

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Where: Las Vegas, NV



Patchwork Wall

I was meeting a FOD (Friend of Dano) at one of the best steak places in Las Vegas, The Steakhouse at Circus Circus.



It’s a hidden gem within the confines of a tired hotel that peaked in the 1970s.



I was very excited about this dinner both for the restaurant, and knowing there were likely many Dano kinda of pictures in this depressed part of Las Vegas.



Sure enough, across the street from the hotel there was a construction site covered by a colorful vinyl wrap. With the end of day light I simply waited the right silhouette to walk out scene left.




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Running Late

Where: Kyoto, Japan



Running Late


When a bus is late, kids anywhere in the world make a dash to be on time.



But only in Japan would I find kids delicately holding their colorful umbrellas in mid-stride.



I was tempted to change the magenta umbrella to a red color and have RGB but…


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Worldwide Stuff

Where: Kyoto Japan



Japanese Stuff


Kyoto is known for amazing temples and shrines. When I asked my colleagues in Japan how many temples and shrines there are in Kyoto they told me, just like Starbucks one on every corner.



On our way to visit a shrine I saw this shopkeeper doing inventory and realized as George Carlin used to say, no matter who we are or where we are from, we all need our stuff.

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