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Deep 9

Where: Tampa, Florida



Nine Sign



Simply the shadow of a hose on a windy day where leaves blew into a pool.



I waited until the wind died down revealing a number underneath the ripples.


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Going Back

Where: Mumbai, India





When I captured this image 13 years ago I was using a 6 megapixel DSLR. While under no obligation to admit this, I had the camera set to jpeg. I know, I know. But do you remember how big Raw files were when working with 2 gigs of ram…




And of top of that, the image is back-focused and underexposed.




But with my improving Photoshop skills I was able to bring back, via an improved workflow, an image that emotionally reminds me of my first trip to India.



Of course on my next trip to India I’ll be shooting Raw with a 36 megapixel camera and might even bring the sticks.



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JP Wanna B

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia



JP Effect



An ode to FOD (Friend of Dano) John Paul (JP) Caponigro.



I was walking along the waterfront in Stanley Park before a recent meeting and saw partial reflections of sailboat masts.



The partial reflections revealed the harbor bed and its different sized rocks.



Its not about the reflections or the rocks, but my attempt to emulate JP as he describes his work as “the nature of perception and the perception of nature”.

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Still Playing?

Where: Fairport NY



Horn Rest



Based on the gesture, I would speculate that while the horn is at rest the musician is continuing to play notes.



Those notes might be a bit lower than what comes out of the horn.

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11th Minute

Where: New York, NY





Outside my hotel near South St. Seaport, I came across a reflecting sculpture at the corner of Water and Pine called, “East-West Gate” by Yuyu Yang.



I only had 15 minutes before I needed to leave to make a presentation at the 2016 PDN Photo Annual.



I noted my, “have to leave time” and patiently waited for a human element to break up the abstract inanimate elements.



The perfect leg showed up at the 11th minute.



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