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Where: Rochester, NY





One photograph can tell multiple stories.



In this image some would see the gesture of the hand as a symbol of incarceration, while others might see the despair of refugees.



And a few would correctly point out that it’s the hand of a Dad watching his kid at a little league game.


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To be Fair

Where: Costa Mesa, California



OC Fence


After finishing a round of golf with colleagues at Strawberry Farms I knew the light would be good in 30 minutes.



So I headed to the Orange County Fair.



As I was parking the light was just about perfect and then to my dismay, I was at the end of very long line to buy tickets and then there was another long security line after that.



I calculated that by the time I got in, the light would have gone out. While walking back to the car I saw this wonderful silhouette of a person exiting the Fair through a side gate.



So I still got my shot and didn’t have to pay…



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Land of Smiles

Where: Bangkok, Thailand



Flower Girl Bangkok


“Dano, why are all the people you photograph never smiling?”



Not true!



But for smiles, I seek to capture something genuine reflecting a person’s personality like this girl in Bangkok’s flower market.


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Vegas Brewski

Where: Las Vegas



Vegas Beer



Another trade show in Las Vegas.



This time I headed to Fremont St. after show hours.






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