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Double Take

Where: Upper Sandusky, Ohio






A straight image of a reflection of a reflection helped take this dull scene into something more interesting.



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The Complementary Blues

Where: Bangkok, Thailand



Flower Schlep



When I saw this man carting yellow flowers under a blue awning at an outdoor market, I knew the complementary colors would make an impactful image




For those that know color theory, it doesn’t get much better color-wise when creating a composition.

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Where: Irvine, CA




Shadow arrows


Two places where I struggle to make pictures are Orlando and Orange County, California.



Maybe there is an orange connection but more likely its that both locales are modern and clean and nice and not my kind of places…



When I saw the shadows of palm trees from my hotel room crossing over the lines in the hotel’s parking lot it reminded me of angry pencil scribbles on a paper document.



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The Other Way

Where: Indianapolis, IN






Whenever I’m at a big event or tourist attraction, I always remember Jay Maisel’s advice to look in the other direction of the action.



That advice often pays dividends because that’s where some of the best pictures are found.


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Can’t Lose

Where: Kyoto, Japan




Kyoto Friends 2 copy



Kimonos are like stained glass windows, they are so amazing it’s tough to make a bad picture.


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