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Bag Lady

Where: Lisbon, Portugal





I was editing images I captured in Lisbon on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.




While working on this image I was thinking it was not that strong and was on the edge of sending it to the trash when I felt on tap on my shoulder. A woman in the row behind me told me she was watching me pull up images and thought this picture was really beautiful.




She meant it, so I sharpened it and saved it.



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Election Results

Where: Hong Kong






To best deal with the recent election, I’m taking my lead from these women.




I found them doing Tai chi on a tennis court in the heart of Hong Kong.

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Pretty Stinky

Where: Bombay Beach, CA





I love the Salton Sea.



It’s full of decay and putrid smells.



I normally don’t do pretty, but because the air was kinda nasty it somehow put me in the mood to pull off some pretty.


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Give Me Dirty Laundry

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






Many like to photograph beautiful landscapes or iconic structures. For me I can’t resist laundry hanging on an outdoor line.



I’m usually drawn to impactful saturated colors, but the overcast light created a different color pallet that gives this image a sense of place.






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