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Whether the Weather

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






I only had 48 hours in Lisbon so when it started raining I kept shooting.



If it wasn’t raining I never would have captured the wonderful orange glow under the umbrella.

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  Hong Kong, China       Yangon, Myanmar










Some think I’m drawn to yellow because of my years at Kodak e.g. The Great Yellow Father.



While yellow is the predominate color in these two images from two different countries, when the light is good, then the light is good.



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Wait for it

Where: London, England





The forecast was for partly cloudy skies.



I knew this could be an interesting scene so I waited about 20 minutes for a break in the clouds.



The clouds broke and the chairs lit up.

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Sunny California

Where: Malibu, California






Jay Maisel often says, “I’m from New York, I don’t trust any air I can’t see”.




With Jay in mind, when I saw the fog roll into a normally sunny beach I knew I could make a meaningful picture vs a pedantic SoCal postcard.

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Where: Lisbon, Portugal






In addition to our heavy assignment load in photo school, every week we had to also turn in an EDL, the short of Every Day Life.




Most dreaded this but it forced us to think like photojournalists and how to take the mundane and photographically illustrate what life is like for someone. somewhere.




Decades later I’m still on assignment.


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