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Sweeping Color

Where: Yangon, Myanmar



While I am drawn in foreign countries to markets and street scenes off the tourist path, my fixer insisted that I see the famousĀ  Shwedagon Pagoda.



The Pagoda is fascinating and I’m glad I went, but as with iconic structures there are so many great images of the same subject all I could do is create an image that looked like everything else.



But I got super lucky when I saw this brigade of women dressed in beautiful colors pushing their brooms in unison and essentially creating one giant broom. Suffice it to say I spent most of my time following these women for the best angle.



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Where: Yangon Myanmar





I arrived at my hotel after dark and went out shooting.



I was jet-lagged and could not quite figure out what I was looking at, but this mysterious doorway reminded me of the poster for The Exorcist.



When I returned during the day, I was a bit disappointed to learn it was the entrance to a Mens Room.



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Close Shave

Where: Yangon Myanmar (Rangoon Burma)






An amazing subject in not so amazing light.



By converting to Black and White, I could manage the mixed Kelvin sources and high contrast, while creating a more impactful image than in color.



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Steep Color

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






When I found this street with a funicular line I formatted a new SD card.



30 minutes later card was full and I never moved.











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