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Mystery Boatman

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





While photographing the Betel Man on the ferry across the Yangon River I saw this mysterious silhouette to my right.

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Finding the Light

Where: Yangon, Myanmar




These people were in a covered section of the ferry that crosses the Yangon river.



While the light was overhead and harsh, as the ferry turned, the light transformed into the type of rim lightning that we spend hours trying to achieve in the studio.


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Betel Man

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





On a ferry crossing the Yangon River this man was making Kun-ya, wrapping Betel Leaf around a nut and mixing it with lime.




It’s not dissimilar to chewing tobacco and its easy to spot users of Kun-ya by their teeth


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Where: Lisbon, Portugal




When I came across this plaza I remembered what Jay Maisel said,  “As people, we love pattern. But interrupted pattern is more interesting.”



I found my angle, focal length and set the depth of field.  Then I waited for the right interruption.




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Where: Yangon Myanmar




During my visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda I looked for images of those looking at the pagoda vs shooting the pagoda.



When I saw a straight line of young nuns known as, Pink Monks, I found the best angle, reduced my depth of field and coughed. I wanted the person closest to camera to break the repeating line by looking at me.



But it was the second person who looked.



I originally discarded this image because the person looking is out of focus. But after revisiting the image I changed my mind.



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