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Picasso Girl

Where: Chicago, IL



I missed my connection in Chicago yesterday and had 6 hours to kill.



I was about to buckle down in the United Club but light was streaming in through those wonderful sandblasted windows and I couldn’t resist. I headed to the other side of Security and took the L into the City.



With no specific agenda I got off the train in the Loop at Washington, walked up the stairs and saw the Picasso sculpture.



There was the usual cadre of tourists taking pictures and wondering if Picasso was playing a joke on Chicago or not, and then I saw a girl climb on to the statue. The tourists were upset that the girl was disturbing their snapshots, but I knew she could be the real picture.



I captured this image as the girl paused to dismount from the sculpture’s base. Her shadow created a sculpture within a sculpture and maybe that’s what Picasso had originally intended.



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Fly By

Where: Yangon, Myanmar




I love to eat Rambutans but was struggling trying to photograph them.



Then two subjects flew in to my compositional rescue.



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Background Check

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






I moved very slowly to frame the black cat in front of the white curtain before they would see me and bolt.









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Where: Lisbon, Portugal





When I saw this man walk out to the balcony I knew there was going to be picture.



I could tell he knew there was a picture, and simply accepted that he was the subject.


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European Coin Slot

Where:  Lisbon, Portugal






Be it Euros or Dollars, a coin slot is a coin slot.

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