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Background Check

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






I moved very slowly to frame the black cat in front of the white curtain before they would see me and bolt.










Where: Lisbon, Portugal





When I saw this man walk out to the balcony I knew there was going to be picture.



I could tell he knew there was a picture, and simply accepted that he was the subject.


European Coin Slot

Where:  Lisbon, Portugal






Be it Euros or Dollars, a coin slot is a coin slot.

I Also Do Sunsets

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





I’m normally not a sunset, isn’t that pretty, kind of photographer.



But I do make exceptions for cool looking fishing boats in Asia.

I Can Do Happy

Where: Yangon, Myanmar




“Dano, why do people look so unhappy in your images”?



I have no idea what they are talking about.

Night Rider

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





While checking into my hotel I noticed a bus stop across the street.



I waited until the buses stopped to pick up passengers so I could make a long exposure in the low light as it was almost midnight.

Don’t Look Now

Where: Lisbon Portugal





I don’t know who these people are or if they are related.



What makes this picture interesting is the soft light and that each of the 5 people are all looking in different directions.



Pick a Winner

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





In England its called a bogie, in America a booger not sure what the Burmese call it but I know it when I see it.

A Reflection on Tourism

Where: Belem, Portugal





On a rainy day at a tourist site, I started to look for different ways of showing the tourists.






X Marks The Spot

Where: Los Angeles, CA




I was in the new United Club at LAX on the top level of the airport. It has great views of the tarmac from an outdoor viewing deck. The deck is at the very far end of the club and it was like having my own condo at the airport as no one was around. By carefully pressing the end of my lens against the glass I could avoid reflections and flare, but the dilemma was seeing this beautiful raking light with nothing of interest I could compose.




It was about 6:45am and my frustration was building with the lack of subject matter when I received a text from one of my bosses asking, “What are you doing by yourself way over by that far window”. Turns out he was there for a different early AM flight. So I’m looking around but the club is so large I can’t see him, but then noticed a construction worker making his way across the tarmac and possibly into a spot where I could make a picture. I’m right eyed so I kept my left eye open to see the path of the construction worker and be ready if he entered frame left. I kept my right eye on the light, exposure and focus as I had to go manual to avoid front focusing on the glass.




I’m not great at action stuff, but fortunately the weight of the beam on the shoulder of the construction worker slowed him down where I could squeeze off an exposure right as the beam and the guide line for plane gate parking created an X.



It’s Just Better

Where:  Yangon, Myanmar




I remember thinking while capturing this image how great DSLRs are as there would be no way make this picture with film.

See the Light

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






A small patch of sky opened up during an overcast day while I was walking through Lisbon’s cemetery.



I quickly looked for the right silhouette.

Snooze Button

Where: Yangon, Myanmar




Its quite common in Myanmar to see people having a nap at work.


Dunno Why

Where:  Lisbon, Portugal





This is another one of the images that I was about to delete when a friend said, “I love this picture”



When I asked why she couldn’t say.


Look Around

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






When there is live music in the street, I like to focus on those watching the musicians.


Where: Yangon, Myanmar





The low light added to the mood of this young monk showering after a ceremonial head shaving.

Mail Called

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






Sometimes the simplest of images can tell in-depth stories about a location.

Wheat Shield

Where: Katwe, Myanmar





While driving through areas of rice paddies on the way back to the ferry crossing across the Yangon River, I saw several workers threshing wheat on a make shift rig.



By shooting through the flying debris, I was able to create a sense of diffusion in the otherwise harsh light.


Tea Time

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





I don’t know why adults have tea on the streets of Yangon while sitting on children’s furniture, but it sure makes for interesting pictures.

Top That

Where: San Fransisco, CA





I’m always looking for new ways to illustrate the hilly streets of San Fransisco.



The grade of the street in front of me pushed the painted letters of STOP up towards camera. It was interesting but not enough to make it a real picture so I waited for people to walk by for some scale.



And with people the scene was not still not that interesting until a couple with a small child made their way across the street. The Father bent down to help the child with the curb and that gesture turned the scene into a meaningful picture. That gesture also created a bonus, with the incongruous TOP due to his body blocking the S.



Mystery Boatman

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





While photographing the Betel Man on the ferry across the Yangon River I saw this mysterious silhouette to my right.

Finding the Light

Where: Yangon, Myanmar




These people were in a covered section of the ferry that crosses the Yangon river.



While the light was overhead and harsh, as the ferry turned, the light transformed into the type of rim lightning that we spend hours trying to achieve in the studio.


Betel Man

Where: Yangon, Myanmar





On a ferry crossing the Yangon River this man was making Kun-ya, wrapping Betel Leaf around a nut and mixing it with lime.




It’s not dissimilar to chewing tobacco and its easy to spot users of Kun-ya by their teeth



Where: Lisbon, Portugal




When I came across this plaza I remembered what Jay Maisel said,  “As people, we love pattern. But interrupted pattern is more interesting.”



I found my angle, focal length and set the depth of field.  Then I waited for the right interruption.





Where: Yangon Myanmar




During my visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda I looked for images of those looking at the pagoda vs shooting the pagoda.



When I saw a straight line of young nuns known as, Pink Monks, I found the best angle, reduced my depth of field and coughed. I wanted the person closest to camera to break the repeating line by looking at me.



But it was the second person who looked.



I originally discarded this image because the person looking is out of focus. But after revisiting the image I changed my mind.